No RETTmobil exhibition
in 2021

Press release

Fulda, 05/02/2021

No RETTmobil exhibition in 2021

The RETTmobil exhibition 2021 has to be cancelled. The original date from 5th to 7th May of this year is just as impossible to keep as an alternative date at the beginning of June that has meanwhile be planned. The next RETTmobil exhibition will therefore take place in Fulda from 11th to 13th May 2022.

„We, as a trade fair company, as well as the IKR e.V., as the conceptual sponsor, are following the current corona situation very closely and are constantly in close contact with the responsible public authorities“, says Manfred Hommel, Executive Director of Messe RETTmobil International GmbH. „Until recently, we hoped to be able to at least realize the alternative date in June. By the current state, this will not be responsible. Fortunately, the number of infections is declining significantly for some time, that has given us hope. Even the vaccinations, despite the suboptimal start, will certainly bring some relaxation in the next few weeks and months. Unfortunately, it will be too late for us. Also in June, a too few part of the population will be vaccinated to justify such an event as the RETTmobil exhibition. With a heavy heart, we have to announce that the RETTmobil exhibition will unfortunately be cancelled also this year“, says Hommel.

An alternative date at the beginning of June was envisaged in order to gain time and to be able to observe the developments for a little longer. „Our exhibitors and logistics partners need planning reliability. So we had to decide now. In our estimation, it would be irresponsible to hold an event with more than 400 exhibiting companies and tens of thousands of visitors at the moment“, Manfred Hommel explains the decision.

The RETTmobil exhibition is the leading exhibition for the entire rescue at home and abroad. That is one of the reason why we set particularly high standards for ourselves and our responsibility“, explains Hommel. Most of the people who come to us in Fulda are directly confronted with the consequences of the corona pandemic and work on the front lines. Their health needs to be protected, and that’s why we look forward to seeing you again next year when the RETTmobil exhibition will take place in Fulda from 11th to 13th May 2022.



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