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The RETTmobil exhibition is the international leading exhibition for rescue and mobility. The exhibition had its origin in 2001 with 63 exhibitors and 3,500 professional visitors. In 2020 and 2021, unfortunately, the RETTmobil exhibition had to be cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic. With the restart of the traditional RETTmobil exhibition in 2022 – after the two-year “Corona compulsory break” – with 467 exhibitors from over 25 countries and around 22,000 visitors from over 50 countries, the previous successes could be continued. The exhibition takes place in an annual cycle with three event days in Fulda.

The success of the RETTmobil exhibition rests on three pillars – EXHIBITION, TRAINING including emergency rescue-medical training courses and workshops as well as symposia and MOBILITY up to the possibility to experience vehicles, rescue technology, rescue equipment as well as protective and hygienic clothing. Therefore, the RETTmobil exhibition is a must for all rescue users and purchasers.

The exhibition location Fulda and the state of Hesse offer ideal frame conditions for all domestic and foreign exhibitors and professional visitors due to the central location in Germany as well as the excellent and cost-efficient infrastructure. These are the main reasons why the Community of Interest of Manufacturers of Ambulances and Emergency Vehicles (IKR e.V.), the city of Fulda and the Messe RETTmobil International GmbH decided to continue hosting the RETTmobil exhibition in Fulda from 2021 to 2030. The flexible exhibition halls, which reflect the character oft he RETTmobil exhibition and can be adapted individually to the needs of the exhibitiors, played also a decisive role for the exhibition location Fulda.

Starting from 2022, the focus will increasingly be on the international expansion of the exhibition to arouse interest of professional visitors from European and non-European countries. Thematically, the exhibition will face the challenges of this day and age, for example the handling of pandemics. These and other challenges will assign the national and international rescue with his rescue workes and assistants new tasks.


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