Good prospects for the RETTmobil exhibition 2022

Press release

Fulda, 07/10/2021

Good prospects for the RETTmobil exhibition 2022

„The prospects for the RETTmobil exhibition 2022 are very good“, says with pleasure Manfred Hommel, Executive Director of the Messe RETTmobil International GmbH. Not only the development of the corona situation, but also new agreements behind the scenes give every reason to be optimistic.

„The exhibition is taking place“, Hommel is convinced. For the event period from 11th to 13th May 2022, the Executive Director expects the exhibition center to be fully booked. 96 percent of the space has already been booked. Who still wants to be there, has to decide soon.

Over 400 exhibitors from 25 countries have confirmed their attendance. These include economic heavyweights such as the USA, China and Russia, but also smaller countries such as Latvia and Pakistan. Europe and especially German exhibitors will again be the traditional heavyweight next year. Overall, Manfred Hommel speaks of a „very good” development. Especially after the corona-related cancellation last year, there was almost no backtracking. Almost all exhibitors had immediately rebooked for 2022, according to Hommel.

This sign of confidence puts the exhibition organizers under a certain pressure to succeed. They cannot influence the corona situation on their own, but they can influence the general conditions of the RETTmobil exhibition. „Of course, we will adhere to the hygiene regulations that apply at the time of the event”, assures Executive Director Hommel.

An expansion of the exhibition center will provide more space than before. The city of Fulda is providing up to 10,000 m² adjacent to the previous area. Visitors can reach the area on foot, on which, among other things, the exhibition restaurant will be located. From 2022, there will be two more entrances to the exhibition in addition to the main entrance. This should avoid long waiting times and queues in front of the entrance.

Additionally, fiber optic technology will be available at the exhibition in the future. The previously limited internet quality will no longer be an issue. That alone is necessary in order to be able to implement the planned hybrid events. Several events and lectures are to take place both as presence appointments on site and as a live stream on the Internet.

The exact program for the RETTmobil exhibition 2022 has not yet been determined. The congress timetable is expected to be finalized in the second half of November. Further events are planned to deal in detail with major catastrophic situations such as the catastrophic flood in southwest Germany in 2021 as well as the effects of the corona pandemic on the emergency services and specialist services. Topics such as electromobility in rescue services as well as the possibilities of digitization and artificial intelligence (AI) for civil protection are already firmly planned.



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