Tickets for the RETTmobil exhibition are now available ONLINE

Press release

Fulda, 10/03/2022

Tickets for the RETTmobil exhibition are now available ONLINE

IMPORTANT: It is the only way to purchase tickets!

Anyone planning to travel to Fulda for the RETTmobil exhibition should have their ticket with them. There will no longer be a ticket counter at the entrance of the exhibition center.

„For several reasons, we decided to offer tickets via the online ticket shop on our website,” says Manfred Hommel, Executive Director of Messe RETTmobil International GmbH. „Booking tickets online is convenient and easy. Above all, this is intended to avoid long waiting times and queues at the cash registers and entrances, in addition the obligation to provide documentation in times of the pandemic is also met. For the same reason, it is planned to set up another entrance to the exhibition next to the main entrance this year. After all, we still have to live with a pandemic situation that requires certain precautions already in the planning phase of an exhibition“, Hommel asks for understanding.

Day tickets for visitors are available for 20 euros. This includes the use of a free shuttle bus that runs every half hour between the exhibition center and the ICE train station in Fulda (exit in the direction of the city). In addition, around 3,000 free visitor parking spaces are available directly at the exhibition center.

Places in the specialist program can also only be secured online. It doesn’t matter whether you want to take part in further training, workshops or the new format “Meet the Experts” – the only way to get there is via the online ticket shop. Those interested should not hesitate; the number of participants is limited. The complete program can be viewed at



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