Our preparations are proceeding exactly as planned

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Fulda, 12/04/2022

Our preparations are proceeding exactly as planned

Our preparations are in full swing: The RETTmobil exhibition in Fulda is opening its gates in four weeks (11 to 13 May 2022). This trade fair lasts three days and will offer specialists the chance of meeting more than 400 exhibitors from 25 countries.

The organisers of the RETTmobil exhibition are keeping precisely to their timetable. The gates of the site will be opened at 9:00 am on 11 May 2022 and visitors will find a treasure trove of interesting exhibits.

According to Manfred Hommel, Managing Director of Messe RETTmobil International GmbH, at the end of last week: “The first mobile exhibition halls are already complete and we are proceeding step by step. We are keeping exactly to our timetable“.

The exhibition area is now fully occupied, but almost every day we are receiving applications from companies who wish to exhibit at the International Leading Exhibition for Rescue and Mobility. According to Manfred Hommel: “We will see what is possible, but we can’t perform magic”. Aside from the 19 exhibition halls, an extensive outdoor area is available. Our presentations there include practical tests, exercises and demonstrations – such as the use of drones in ambulance services or mountain rescue. In addition, we have the popular off-road course.

In general, Managing Director Hommel considers that the rescue industry is full of optimism. “The companies are happy that they can finally present their products and services at a personal level. On the other hand, digitalisation is important in very many firms. You can rely on the new complete glass fibre network on the site of the trade fair. The RETTmobil exhibition is excellently equipped to make its mark once again throughout the world.”


Photo: Martin Engel



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