RETTmobil exhibition 2023 will be on a larger campus

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Fulda, 09/12/2022

RETTmobil exhibition 2023 will be on a larger campus

In about 5 months, the RETTmobil exhibition 2023 will open its gates. This is a good moment to tell you how the planning is proceeding.

Exhibitors are maintaining a steady interest in our trade fair. Indeed, exhibitors from more than 20 countries have already registered. As always, the atmosphere will be international at the next RETTmobil exhibition. For the first time, there will be exhibits in Fulda from a British manufacturer of rescue vehicles and a Spanish manufacturer of rescue vehicles and fire engines.

If you want your company be represented at the trade fair next May, don’t hesitate! The RETTmobil exhibition 2023 is already fully booked in the current grounds in Fulda.  Sandra Hommel-Liebich is our manager for visitors and exhibitors and reports that she receives enquiries and registrations almost every day. She comments that registrations for 2023 were made even before the last trade fair in order to secure exhibition spaces.

But there is still a chance of being at Fulda. In order to accommodate additional exhibitors, the trade fair company has been working with the authorities of the city of Fulda to optimise the grounds. In addition, we are considering how to expand the trade fair grounds.

Sandra Hommel-Liebich commented that they hoped this would give additional halls for the trade fair and/or outdoor area and that this would help them to satisfy the demand.

One reason for the increase in demand has been the growing interest from the fire brigade sector. In particular, manufacturers of fire engines will be much better represented in 2023. Moreover, service providers and providers of software solutions and digital technologies are increasingly interested in the RETTmobil exhibition as a platform for their goods.

Many of the exhibitors are from the fire brigade sector and this has influenced the training program. We are currently striving to complement the lectures with themes that are specific to the fire brigade, such as digitalisation in the fire brigade or E-mobility. For example, we have a variety of presentations on such themes as “mass casualties”, crisis intervention, “ambulance service and terror” and “the ambulance service at its limits”. After discussions with the Science Advisory Council, the training program for the RETTmobil exhibition 2023 will be published not later than the end of January 2023. The sessions can also be booked from this time point.

Parking spaces at the trade fair grounds and the trade fair shuttle between the Fulda ICE station and the trade fair grounds are still free: According to Sandra Hommel-Liebich: “Our experience this year has shown that increasing numbers of visitors are using the train to get to the RETTmobil exhibition. This is why we will use more buses and optimize the intervals.”

We can also assure you that the RETTmobil exhibition will continue to be an annual event. In 2024, the trade fair will be from 15 to 17 May, as always in Fulda.

Current information and then instructions for ordering entry tickets and tickets for the training program can be found at



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