We have exceeded our own expectations

Press release

Fulda, 12/05/2023

We have exceeded our own expectations

There were more than 27,000 visitors to RETTmobil this year – more than our most optimistic expectations! Experts from many parts of Germany and from 50 other countries made their way to Germany, to spend three days hearing about the most recent developments in emergency services and disaster management.

Manfred Hommel was the manager of the trade fair. He commented that he had optimistically expected 26,000 visitors, 4,000 more than in the previous year. In the course of the afternoon of the third and last day, it became clear that RETTmobil would beat even this value.  There were about 8,500 visitors to the exhibition site on both the opening day (Wednesday) and Friday. However, on Thursday, they had 11,000 visitors to RETTmobil – in spite of a downpour. Hommel commented that this was a very accurate estimate and was based on the ticket system and drone images. He was delighted by the lively interest.

RETTmobil has made a name for itself. Everyone can see what we stand for – emergency services under realistic conditions. This applies even when the weather is poor and the off-road path is muddy.

Because of the enormous demand, we had decided to expand the exhibition site by 4,000 m² – including 1,000 m² in the halls – and it soon became clear that this had been exactly the right decision. Many visitors who were emergency services at home came to the spectacular displays presented by the fire brigades in Hall L. Shortly before the end of the trade fair, Hommel made it clear that the extension would not be a once-off. RETTmobil planned to use the same area in the coming year, as otherwise there would not be enough room.

It was clear that many visitors were from abroad, and this was striking if you listened to them talking in the hall. Apart from English as an international second language, you could detect visitors from Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Eastern and Southern Europe and Asia. Just a glance in the list of exhibitors confirmed the impression that RETTmobil has become a leading international trade fair. 470 firms from 20 countries – including newcomers with impressively large stands, such as Rodriguez Lopez from Spain, who specialises in refitting and upgrading.

Manfred Hommel was delighted that there had been so many visitors from abroad. The exhibitors were glad to make and develop many international contacts during the trade fair. They had had useful discussions and were more than satisfied. This favourable balance was also reflected in the fact that, on Friday evening, 60% of the exhibitors had already booked for the coming year. The 22d RETTmobil will then take place from 15 to 17 May 2024 – as always in the trade fair site in Fulda.



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