RETTmobil – Where the professionals meet up!

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Fulda, 16/02/2024

RETTmobil – Where the professionals meet up!

The 22d RETTmobil will take place this year. Once again, this will be in Fulda – the traditional international meeting place for workers in rescue medicine. The organisers expect more than 450 exhibitors and thousands of professional visitors. They can all look forward to attractive highlights and really up-to-date lectures. The conditions for networking will be ideal.

Volker Bescht is the President of Johanniter and the patron of this year’s RETTmobil. He will present an absolute highlight; Johanniter Air Rescue will be represented at RETTmobil for the first time and will demonstrate a winching manoeuvre with one of their rescue helicopters. The international experts in the public will of course be able to witness a live exercise on the grounds of the trade fair.

The open country parkour will be just as spectacular. The firms EDAG Engineering GmbH, Krämer Special Vehicles GmbH, Daimler Truck AG, as well as the General Secretariat of the German Red Cross, will exhibit their open country vehicles.  For example, the German Red Cross will use their Unimog U 4023 to show how they can perform difficult tricks and dodgy water crossings. If you want to be right in the front line, you can be a passenger in a Scania lorry 6×6 in the open country parkour.

Last year we decided to increase the size of the trade fair by about 4,000 sq. m. This decision was justified, as it has also allowed us to make room for the practical workshops, which will be held this year too. In collaboration with Fulda Fire Brigade, the firm LUKAS RESCUE LEAGUE will present “Technical Aid for Fire Brigades and Rescue Services”. If you want to face this challenge – and bring your personal safety gear to RETTmobil –, you are invited to show your skills on site.

RETTmobil addresses both purchasers and professional and voluntary users in all areas of rescue work, ambulances and disaster response. The expert exhibition includes the most recent advances in ambulance vehicles and vehicle technology, the technology of emergency medicine, protective ambulance clothing, hygiene and disinfection, radio and signal technology, mobile devices and software solutions.

Unlike all other special trade fairs, RETTmobil works under the motto of “Experiencing Rescue Work”. In other words, all users are expressly encouraged not only to look at the exhibited products, but also to handle them and examine them – so that they get an authentic impression. According to the Director of the Trade Fair, Manfred Hommel: “Rescue services don’t only work in a warm living room, but much of the time under unpleasant conditions”. RETTmobil wishes to portray this with their concept and this is really what distinguishes this trade fair, so that it is truly unique in the world.

RETTmobil is the largest professional meeting and offers visitors the chance to bring their professional knowledge absolutely up-to-date and to come into contact with top professional lecturers. There are numerous opportunities each day to receive advanced training on medical work in the rescue services, as well as workshops and meetings with experts (“Meet the Experts”).

The advanced training functions this year focus on lectures on the following themes: “Reanimation in Special Emergencies”, “Riots, Mobs and Insurgencies”, “Winning Hearts and Minds with Modern Management”, “Emergency Medicine in Dangerous Situations”, “Rescue Services in Germany. Something New Every Day?!” and “Paediatric Emergencies”. The two sessions of “Meet the Experts” will deal with “Sonography in Rescue Services” and “Crisis Intervention with Handicapped Patients”. The workshops will cover intensive practical work on aspects such as ultrasound diagnostics in preclinical work, management and communication and airway management.

All these functions, particularly the extensive commercial exhibitions, provide excellent possibilities, for networking and for swapping experiences. There will be more than 450 exhibitors from more than 20 countries. Where else do you have the opportunity to talk with product developers, not only from Germany, but also from the USA, Asia, the Emirates, Scandinavia, the Benelux countries, or Southern Europe – to ask them questions and to report on their daily use? According to Manfred Hommel, the Director of the trade fair: “These are very valuable experiences for both sides”.

Hommel comments: “We will do our level best to ensure that RETTmobil will once again be an extraordinary experience for all professionals. The expert public can look forward to a fascinating occasion, covering an extensive area, with sections for presentations and activities. Exhibitors can look forward to 3 days of concentrated expertise from experienced users.

The 22d RETTmobil will be open from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm from 15 to 17 May 2024. Entry tickets and tickets for special functions are available under

There will be a free bus shuttle between Fulda ICE station and the grounds of the trade fair (Messe Galerie Fulda). The busses will run every 15 minutes between 08:30 am and 10:00 am and then every 30 minutes. Visitors who come by car can park as usual free of charge in the grounds of the trade fair.



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